Gold Buckle Club Members:

It’s hard to believe the first performance of the 87th Sheridan WYO Rodeo is just one month from today! Before we know it, we’ll be filling those red seats at the south end of the Sheridan County Fairgrounds arena to watch some of the very best rodeo action around.

Last year we created a private Facebook group (Gold Buckle Club Rodeo Tickets) to help aid in the buying, selling and trading of GBC tickets amongst its members. If you are looking for or trying to sell GBC Section tickets for the rodeo, you can post them on the group’s page along with your contact information for other GBC members to see. Only current Gold Buckle Members will be accepted into this group. Kitt Laidlaw is the new “administrator” for this private Facebook group, so if you aren’t already friends with Kitt on Facebook, send her a friend request!

The concept is quite easy:

1)   Make sure you’re friends with Kitt Laidlaw on Facebook

2)   Ask to join the private group (Gold Buckle Club Rodeo Tickets)

3)   Once accepted into the group you will be able to view and create posts for buying and selling GBC tickets!

This is simply to help members get in touch with other members regarding GBC Section (only) rodeo tickets. Any buying, selling or trading through this group is solely the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The Gold Buckle Club Advisory Committee will not be held responsible for any transactions that take place within this group.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kitt at 803-622-3337. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in July.


Gold Buckle Club survey response letter

Gold Buckle Club

Greetings Gold Buckle Club members,

Earlier this year we sent a survey asking for input regarding a few GBC policies that were being considered for revision.  We wish to thank those who provided valuable feedback in your responses.   We read all of your responses, compiled the data, and although the responses varied, there was a clear theme to the preferences of the members who responded to the survey.

One resounding theme that emerged is the need for more GBC parking to be available to the members.  We are pleased to announce we will implement several strategies to improve the parking, which we believe will greatly improve the 2017 Gold Buckle Club experience at the WYO Rodeo.

Based on other responses received, we are also excited to share changes to the check-in process, as well as clarification and reinforcement of some of the original policies.  We anticipate these efforts will enhance the Gold Buckle Club experience for our members at the 2017 Sheridan WYO Rodeo by reducing crowding in the Hospitality Room.

New Check-in Process:

The most notable change for this year is the method by which we distribute the wristbands for entry to the GBC.  You will not find wristbands in your mailboxes; they will be secured at the door each night by a check-in person as you enter the GBC.  If members wish to exercise their right to pay for two guests each night, then the member MUST be present with their guests at the door to greet them and pay their guests’ fees.

Membership-sharing Process:

GBC members who do not plan to attend the GBC Hospitality Room may transfer their benefits to two other people to enjoy.  However, the non-members MAY NOT bring paying guests into the GBC.  In other words, the privilege of bringing guests into the GBC is reserved exclusively for GBC members.  In addition, if someone other than yourself will be enjoying your benefits for the evening, we ask that you contact GBC Secretary Vicki Jorgenson ahead of time to let her know who will be attending in your absence.  Vicki may be reached by phone or email:  307-751-4215 or vickijorgenson@bighornbeverage.com.

All these measures are in response to the survey feedback, and we believe all of them will greatly improve the members’ experience in the GBC during the Sheridan WYO Rodeo.


Gold Buckle Club Advisory Committee

GBC VIP Room Policy 2015